Business Profile

Patterson Davis Consulting has specialized in recruiting and management consulting services for the legal profession nationwide since 1980.


Client demand for talented attorneys is intensely competitive.  Patterson Davis Consulting provides law firms and corporations with the necessary edge to recruit and hire the very best legal talent.  Our services are designed to approach attorneys in a distinctive personal and discreet manner, provide them a detailed and intelligent analysis of a client's needs and how the prospective job fits his or her career path, and advise and assist both candidate and client through every step of the hiring process.  Patterson Davis Consulting combines in-depth knowledge of the significant legal markets—corporate, litigation and intellectual property law--with sophisticated and creative methods to recruit, hire and retain talent.


Patterson Davis Consulting provides human resource counseling and recruiting services for corporations and law firms in the U.S. and abroad on an hourly, retained or contingency basis.  Consulting services on an hourly basis are tailored to a client's specific needs, for example, evaluation of a possible firm merger, expansion of existing or new departments, reorganization of staff, or a first in-house Counsel.


When retained by a client, Patterson Davis works with the organization to analyze the client's needs, advises on current market conditions and long-term considerations, and develops a strategy to recruit the targeted individuals efficiently and effectively.   We study the client’s current activity in the area and interview the attorneys and business managers who are involved in legal strategy, policy and protection.  Recommendations and creative suggestions on possible options are prepared for the client.  If hiring additional personnel is appropriate, Patterson Davis Consulting prepares a detailed job description and ideal candidate profile, and conducts a thorough search for qualified and hirable candidates.  A select group of candidates is then interviewed directly and a written profile detailing the candidate's background and experience is prepared which notes specific experience pertinent to the client.


Patterson Davis acts as a hands-on partner throughout the hiring process, developing and implementing interviewing strategies, briefing and debriefing candidates and clients at every step in the evaluation process, and actively assisting in developing plans for compensation, benefits and business development.  After a hire is complete Patterson Davis will continue to advise the client to ensure candidate retention and maximum results for the client.


For contingency clients who need to hire an attorney, qualified candidates are contacted and their interest solicited in a client's job opening.  Candidates are interviewed and screened for experience, personal skills, and hireability.  Only appropriate resumes are then referred to the client.  Assistance in scheduling interviews and organizing the recruitment process is provided, along with counseling on compensation and relocation issues.


Ms. Patterson is a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College in Classical Languages, and holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from Oxford University, England in Greek and Latin Literature.  She was Director of Intellectual Property Recruiting for Wells International in New York City and opened their San Francisco office in 1987.  Prior to her career as a consultant, she worked with a nonprofit educational foundation sponsoring science education programs in high schools.  She has also been an editorial assistant for the American Scientist magazine, the Journal of the Society of Sigma Xi, and the Christian Science Monitor.  Contact Kate Patterson via email at


Gary S. Davis joined Katharine C. Patterson in January 1991.  He is an honors graduate of New Mexico State University and Georgetown University Law Center.  Prior to his career as a consultant, Mr. Davis worked for Harvard University's Office of Government and Community Affairs, and practiced law with Brobeck, Phleger and Harrison in San Francisco. Contact Gary Davis via email at  Contact Patterson Davis Consulting at 235 Montgomery Street, Suite 1110, San Francisco, California  94104-2902; 415-398-2622.